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CHADIS ADHD smart template

ADHD Patient Specific Template (PST)

The ADHD PST helps busy clinicians address ADHD care efficiently and effectively, developed by developmental-behavioral pediatricians.



  • Gathers pre-visit ADHD information from parents AND teachers without any clinician effort and is FERPA compliant.

  • Encourages shared decision making with a graphic:

Vanderbilt ADHD Graphic
CHADIS Conners 4 Scale graphic
  • Each PST provides a tailored graphic to be shown to families, illustrating the patient’s ADHD challenges over time, facilitating discussion.

  • The PST suggests tailored, research-supported goals for clinicians to review with parents. Parents are sent specific suggestions for how to accomplish the chosen goals. Selected goals are also listed in subsequent PSTs, so clinicians are reminded to follow-up on progress.

  • Generates 504 Plan and IEP Letters 

Request for 504 Plan
  • Generates individualized patient education/messages and resources​​​

  • Eases documentation burden with editable notes based on pre-visit data with quick text options 

CHADIS ADHD smart template editable note
CHADIS ADHD smart template editable note
CHADIS ADHD smart template Medicine Guidance
  • Optional guidance for medication selection

  • Provides clinician education


Can earn you MOC-4 credit, without manual chart review

Video - CHADIS for Remote ADHD Care

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