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CHADIS can assist with quality measures through offering reports, screens, and diagnostic tools for the following Advancing Care Information measures:


Patient-Specific Education: CHADIS has developed a unique feature called Patient Specific Templates (PSTs). PSTs provide advanced decision support that incorporates patient submitted pre-visit data to reduce documentation burden, highlights data which appears within evidence-based guidelines, reports data & clinician selections for PCMH, MACRA, QI, etc., and creates personalized patient education and engagement.  Measure ID:  ACI_PEA_2


Patient Generated Health Data: CHADIS enables patients to list their concerns and goals before the visit improving patient-centered care by providing over 400 screening, diagnostic and data collection tools and questionnaires. The screens and diagnostic tools are administered pre-visit from the comfort of the patient's home and can be taken using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Measure ID:  ACI_CCTPE_3

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