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The Complete Pre-visit

Questionnaire Solution

Plus Clinical Process Support

CHADIS can virtually deliver patient questionnaire data for telehealth visits.


Anytime Pediatrics has partnered with the complete pre-visit questionnaire solution, CHADIS. Learn about this collaboration and how your practice will benefit.

CHADIS Complements Telehealth

Remote digital patient data - an important component of a telehealth visit

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  • Pre-visit patient data helps with documentation while focusing on your video patient

  • Graphics for shared decision making that can be viewed during televisits,

  • Patient-specific education in secure individualized webpages

  • Ability to schedule dates for questionnaires for follow up and care management

  • CHADIS Care Coordination functionality facilitates referrals and data sharing and automatically tracks them.  

Patient Education /Electronic Handouts

  • "Developmental prescriptions” created based on the child’s milestones

  • Tailored safety guidance

  • Anxiety-related resources

  • CHADIS Care Portal can provide personalized treatment plans (e.g. Asthma Action Plan; ADHD goal-related messages) that can be updated remotely by the clinician.

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • EPSDT Questionnaires

  • Private portal for teens

  • Visit Priorities or Chief Concern

  • General Health Questionnaires

  • Behavioral Health Questionnaires

  • Developmental and Autism Questionnaires

  • Child and adult questionnaires in various languages

ADHD Pre-filled Chronic Care Module

ADHD Patient Specific Template:

  • Gathers pre-visit ADHD information from parents AND teachers

  • FERPA compliant

  • Share graphic representations of data via video

  • Tailored, research-supported goals for clinicians to review with parents

  • Generates 504 Plan and IEP Letters 

  • Eases documentation burden with automated report assistance

  • Monitor between visits


Asthma Pre-filled Chronic Care Module

Asthma Patient Specific Template:

  • Gathers pre-visit asthma information without any clinician effort

  • Share graphic representations of data via video

  • Helps clinicians address adherence

  • Generates an Asthma Treatment Plan

  • ​​Generates tailored resources​​​

  • Monitor between visits

Earn MOC-4 Credits

Earn MOC-4 credits with CHADIS through your telehealth efforts.

  • No chart audit effort required

  • Use CHADIS and attend webinars  

  • QI graphical feedback is automatically collected from patient-generated data and prompted doctor decisions in some cases.

CHADIS offers six Part 4 MOC Projects

  • Autism screening in your practice - 25 credits.

  • Developmental screening in your practice - 25 credits.

  • Asthma care - 25 credits.

  • Family Stress care - 25 credits.

  • ADHD care - 25 credits.

  • Patient-Centered Care 

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