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Autism Use Case

Let CHADIS do all of the heavy work from gathering data to generating Autism Referrals.
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Used by: Pediatricians, DBPs, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, & Behavioral Health


Respondent fills out CHADIS questionnaires.

(Self, parent/caregiver, invited teacher)

Automates the Theory of Mind questionnaire with cartoon prompts

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  • Results are scored and delivered in real-time.

  • A positive M-CHAT-R triggers the minimum needed M-CHAT Follow-Up Interview questions for the provider to ask based on failed items and rescores automatically (lowers false positives by 90% at 2 years)

  • Q-CHAT-10- Ordinal with pictures at 16-20 months requires only 10 items. no follow-up interview, is more accurate and valid regardless of race and SES 

  • Childhood Autism Rating Scale can be prepopulated by parent responses in red text next to items for clinician completion facilitating fast and accurate completion

  • Additional questionnaires for older children, monitoring, outcomes

Referral and Care Coordination

PCP Makes Referral


  • Choose 'Create Referral' in CHADIS

  • Document consent (verbal or prepopulated written consent)

  • Request is sent via email or efax within CHADIS



  • Receives comments and reports back from the referral agency.

  • PCP can communicate securely with the agency 

  • Patient gets SMS message asking for feedback on referral completion, services received, ongoing need, satisfaction

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Agency Receives Referral

  • Receive referral via email or fax

  • Accept or decline referral or post a comment/question to referring clinician

  • Online consent to contact the patient

  • Track appointments

  • Post comments and send consultation reports within CHADIS

Over 25 Autism Questionnaires

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