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Behavioral Health

200+ available tools covering the range of developmental and mental health issues and options for customization.


Adult, teen, child, and parent administered online at home or in the office.


Most tools are billable to insurance for added income.



  • Integrative Behavioral Health through secure care coordination communication with primary care using online consent and data sharing regardless of EHR.

  • Triage - pre-visit data for appropriate assignment of professionals.

  • Intake - saves time on complete history and for documentation.

  • Symptom Monitoring - cued by SMS and email reminders.

  • Collection of School Data - requested by email with online consent.

  • Comprehensive types of tools including:

    • ADHD

    • Anxiety

    • Depression/mood/suicide

    • OCD

    • Eating Disorders

    • Borderline

    • Substance

    • Trauma

    • Sleep

    • Parenting

    • Family

    • Social skills

    • Developmental delay/history

    • Autism

    • Abnormal movements

Use of an Online Clinical Process Support System as an Aid to Identification and Management of Developmental and Mental Health Problems



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