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Doctor and Patient discussing CHADIS questionnaire results
CHADIS White logo Pre-visit Patient Questionnaires & Forms

Pre-visit Patient Questionnaires & Forms

CHADIS automatically assigns, requests, reminds, collects, scores, interprets, & graphs patient data, which makes it different from other solutions.

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Join Other Clinicians and Access from 100's of Questionnaires and Forms

for Medical & Behavioral Health for All Ages

2.5 million patients registered 

>165,000 respondents using CHADIS per month

Let CHADIS do all of the heavy work & help reduce your documentation & administrative burdens


CHADIS & Practice Manager



Onboarding: set up auto assignments and triggers


  • Sends reminders for Well Child visits

  • Sends request/reminder to patient to complete questionnaires/forms via email/SMS

  • Can invite teachers for input

  • Receives a text/email from the clinician’s office to complete questionnaires

  • Accesses questionnaires through app or log in

  • Teens receive a private invitation, scores are confidential

  • Completes questionnaires/forms

  • Optional: At check-in announce arrival from their vehicle/cell phone and take a COVID questionnaire. The front desk can text patients when it is time to enter the building.


  • Based on results, suggests resources, educational materials, and/or treatment plans

  • Facilitates care coordination – online consent, referral, and communication coordination between providers

  • Upon request:

    • MOC credits without review

    • QI and quality monitoring reporting

    • Registries to support health initiatives


Reviews questionnaire results



Automatically scores, interprets, and graphs some outcomes

Robin Warner, MD
Union Pediatrics

Union, KY


“CHADIS generates income. It saves staff time, it saves paper, it saves printer ink, and it doesn’t tie up your room as long. I just ran my numbers from 2020, which was a slow year, and my return on investment at 140% of Medicaid was eight-fold what I paid for CHADIS. So, it generates income, you get information ahead of time, which allows you better time to prepare for the visit, it allows the visit to be more directed, parents can input their concerns and you can be prepared ahead of time to address those concerns. Most of all it is better overall for the care of the patient. It is a win-win all the way around.”

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