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CHADIS Workflow

Let CHADIS do all of the heavy work & help reduce your documentation & administrative burdens

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CHADIS & Practice Manager

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Onboarding: set up auto assignments and triggers


  • Sends reminders for Well Child visits

  • Sends request/reminder to patient to complete questionnaires/forms via email/SMS

  • Can invite teachers for input

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  • Receives a text/email from the clinician’s office to complete questionnaires

  • Accesses questionnaires through app or log in

  • Teens receive a private invitation, scores are confidential

  • Completes questionnaires/forms

  • Optional: At check-in announce arrival from their vehicle/cell phone and take a COVID questionnaire. The front desk can text patients when it is time to enter the building.


  • Based on results, suggests resources, educational materials, and/or treatment plans

  • Facilitates care coordination – online consent, referral, and communication coordination between providers

  • Upon request:

    • MOC credits without review

    • QI and quality monitoring reporting

    • Registries to support health initiatives


Reviews questionnaire results

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Automatically scores, interprets, and graphs some outcomes

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