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Christopher Schultz

Chris Schultz CHADIS CTO

Chris has been the Chief Technology Officer, lead engineer, and HIPAA Security Officer as well as a member of the project management team for CHADIS since 2003. He has been an innovative designer for CHADIS and highly-praised by outside IT auditors for his accomplishments in assuring security and flexibility of CHADIS. Chris has been instrumental in the creation of CHADIS's core software systems as well as interfaces necessary for CHADIS to integrate and interoperate with software from other vendors (e.g. EHRs and patient portals). Prior to coming to CHADIS, Chris worked at The Adrenaline Group in Washington, DC a Software Architect Consultant. In addition, Chris is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and has been an active member of the Apache Tomcat and Apache Velocity communities as well as a committer on both projects for many years, and a member of the Apache Tomcat Security Team.

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