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Clinical Practice Improvement Activities

CHADIS can assist with quality measures through offering reports, screens and diagnostic tools for the following Clinical Practice Improvement Activities:



Population Management:

Chronic Care and Preventative Care Management:  CHADIS proactively manages chronic and preventive care using evidence-based protocols to guide treatment - through the use of the Asthma Care Patient Specific Template and these screens:  Pediatric Asthma Control & Communication Instrument (PACCI)CHADIS Environmental Triggers & Smoke Exposure QuestionnaireCHADIS Asthma Parent PrioritiesCHADIS Asthma Parent Perception RatingCHADIS Asthma Medications (Adherence)CHADIS Asthma Medical History, and Asthma Control Test 4-11 & 12+ versions.  Activity ID: IA_PM_13


Participation in Population Health Research: CHADIS often offers opportunities to participate in research, particularly in the areas where you can receive MOC Part 4 credits.  Activity ID:  IA_PM_9

Behavioral and Mental Health:

Depression Screening: CHADIS provides access to many depression screens:  PRIME MD PHQ (adult depression)Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ)Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale for Children (CES-DC)Kutcher Adolescent Depression ScaleEdinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.  Activity ID: IA_BMH_4


Electronic Health Record Enhancements for Behavioral Health Data Capture:  CHADIS offers a comprehensive choice of pre-visit online data-gathering tools including visit priorities, past medical, social and family history. In addition to the above depression screens, CHADIS offers access to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)CHADIS Potential Stressors ChecklistGeneralized Anxiety Disorder Scale-2; GADS-7, and Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS). Also, CHADIS includes a range of tools to monitor symptoms between and before visits of depression; anxiety; tics and movements; and medication side effects.  Activity ID:  IA_BMH_8

Beneficiary Engagement:

Evidence-based Techniques to Promote Self-management into Usual Care:  CHADIS offers a unique moment of care decision support called "Patient Specific Templates." These are dynamic evidence-based templates for the condition with suggested next steps, graphics to show families for shared decision making, “Teleprompters” for difficult conversations facilitating, Motivational Interviewing and problem-solving counseling, and one-click access to national guidelines.  Activity ID: IA_BE_16

Engagement of Patients, Family and Caregivers in Developing a Plan of Care:  Through the use of the Asthma Patient Specific Template, clinicians gather on-line, pre-visit asthma information from the patient, receive tailored clinical ‘Next Steps’ to easily follow during the visit, receive "problem solving counseling" suggestions to address adherence, efficiently create an individualized Asthma Treatment (Asthma Action) Plan with the patient/family, receive tailored resources for the patient/family, and have access to clinician education all while earning Part 4 MOC credits. All of the data, information, and plans are then documented within your EHR.  Activity ID:  IA_BE_15


Engage Patients and Families to Guide Improvement in the System of Care: CHADIS automatically generates post-visit messages tailored to the patient’s goals and challenges, printable handouts, and suggests local resources, all accessible to the parent online in the CHADIS MemoryBook Care Portal.  Activity ID:  IA_BE_14


Improved Practices that Engage Patients Pre-visit: CHADIS enables families to list their concerns and goals before the visit improving patient-centered care. Clinicians also have access to over 400 screening, diagnostic and data collection tools and questionnaires. Prior to the visit, patients complete online questionnaires that are automatically assigned appropriately for the type of planned visit.  Activity ID:  IA_BE_22


Use Evidence-based Decision Aids to Support Shared Decision Making: CHADIS uses evidence-based tools to accurately identify problems and provides real-time suggestions for appropriate clinical responses.  Activity ID:  IA_BE_16

Improved Practices that Disseminate Appropriate Self-management Materials: The  MemoryBook Care Portal provides a unique form of post-visit patient engagement with individualized patient education based on questionnaire results and any choices you make in an attractive and personalized form replacing generic handouts.  Activity ID:  IA_BE_21

Achieving Health Equity:

Leveraging a QCDR to Standardize Processes for Screening: CHADIS, through entering the data into your EHR, can demonstrate the performance of activities for use of standardized processes for screening for social determinants of health such as food security, employment, and housing.  Activity ID:  IA_AHE_2

Patient Safety & Practice Assessment:

Participation in Part 4 MOC: With CHADIS, earn Part 4 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits using CHADIS for autism, developmental screening, asthma, Family Stress, and ADHD without chart reviews. Includes automated data collection and tracking for your Quality Improvement (QI) programs.  Activity ID:  IA_PSPA_2

Care Coordination:

Care Coordination:  See here



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