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Clinics & Community Practices

CHADIS provides "Patient Reported Outcomes" (PRO), "Patient Generated Health Data" (PGHD) and Enhanced Patient Care



The CHADIS version of Bright Futures was reviewed by Dr. Joseph Hagan, the editor of Bright Futures, who concluded that “CHADIS finally makes Bright Futures possible.” 


  • Supports not only general practitioners but also behavioral health professionals.

  • Provides post-visit patient engagement with the CHADIS MemoryBook Care Portal - individualized patient education based on questionnaire results and any choices you make.


Improves Office Workflow


  • Pre-visit data collection allows the Clinician to focus on patient concerns and visit agenda.

  • Online screening saves office staff time – no more paper and manual scoring and scanning.


Increases Practice Income and Enhances Reputation

  • Powering your practice with the best in today’s information technology shows your commitment to evidence-based patient-centered care.

  • Increase practice income with health, developmental and behavioral screening tools eligible for 96110, 96127, 96160, 96161, 96111, and 94664 billing codes to insurance or Medicaid.

  • CHADIS uses patient-generated documentation to verify visit complexity for higher-level codes.


Provides Clinical Training/”Moment of Care” Decision Support with CME and MOC credits


  • CHADIS has the only automated validated method for completing the standard follow-up interview now “required” by the M-CHAT-R in the case of a positive screen. The appropriate questions related to failed items appear automatically and rescoring occurs in the background allowing completion in 2 minutes at the same visit as the screen.

  • Patient Specific Templates" or "PST’s” – templates with guidance for care are prepopulated by questionnaire results providing instant documentation. PSTs generate decision support “teleprompters” for  Motivational Interviews (Family Stress) and Problem Solving Counseling (Asthma) to improve adherence. Patient-specific education and local and national resources are automatically sent to each patient’s Care Portal.

Offers Access to Electronic Chapters

  • Written by national experts and available in a bulleted form for easy access to key points and further depth as desired including links to current research. Now available for 23 areas.



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