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Depression visit use case

Flux de travail CHADIS

Laissez CHADIS faire tout le travail lourd et aidez à réduire votre documentation et vos charges administratives
Depression pre-visit questionnaires
CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS NEW Clinician View of Details of Answers

Used by: Pediatricians, DBPs, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, & Behavioral Health

Respondent fills out CHADIS questionnaires.

(Self, parent/caregiver)

Teen input is separate and confidential.

Results are scored and delivered in real time.

Optional CHADIS Depression Clinical Support

PHQ-9, if positive can trigger f/u questions which collect information about motivation/preferences to be used during patient interviews.

Discussing Options
Motivational Interview

CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS Motivational Interview
CHADIS Questionnaire

Optional aids for individualized motivational interviews and national guidelines for care based on the GLAD-PC (Guidelines for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care) guidelines.

CHADIS health questionnaire solution

The report includes comprehensive health and mental health data, including recommended Bright Futures areas. 

Creates an editable complete encounter note with red ink showing clinically significant data, allowing the provider to focus on positive depression screens.

Create Plans

CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS management plan for thoughts of suicide
CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS management plan for thoughts of suicide

A mental health plan can be created.

If indicated, you can follow the Blueprint for Suicide Prevention guidelines using the CHADIS suicide risk assessment worksheet and even create a Safety Plan with the teen and family.

Follow-up depression symptom monitoring between visits can be selected. 

Guidance for anti-depressant medication treatment.

Create Referral

CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS Create referral

Post Visit Engagement

When used with the teen strengths and goals questionnaire additional data for motivational interviewing and post-visit engagement is available.

For the Clinician

  • Links to a bulleted chapter on management.

  • Providers can receive MOC-4 credits for using the module and getting some virtual feedback.

  • A clinical case review is available.

A refer button is available to efficiently refer to local mental health specialists with a pre-populated referral form sent electronically allowing two-way communication and co-monitoring with tracking for referral connection and outcomes.

Over 20 Depression Questionnaires

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