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The Zero-Contact Patient Check-in App

Sends a pre-appointment reminder

Patients receive a text reminder before the appointment and fill out: 

  • Health History

  • CHADIS forms, if a CHADIS customer

  • Optional Photo I.D. and Insurance Card Scanning

Patients submitted all the information needed before they walk through the door.

Your patient checks in curbside

When they arrive, the patient opens the app to check-in and completes a quick COVID-19 questionnaire or other necessary forms.

Your office reviews and responds in real-time

View responses, arrival time, and other status information. Invite patients in with a simple click or follow up for further screening.

Put the Patient Portal in your Patients' Hands

Fill out CHADIS questionnaires from the app 

GetDoctor View 2.png
GetDoctor View.png
CHADIS Get Doctor View.png
GetDoctor Payment v2.png
  • Instant COVID-19 Screening

  • Full iOS and Android Compatibility

  • Paperless Patient Intake

  • Easy Waiting Room Management

  • Around-the-Clock Help and Support

  • Touch-Free Insurance Card Scan

  • Works With Most PMS Programs

  • Direct 2-Way Patient Messaging

  • Optional Payment Collections

Patients love it - Over 80% use the app from day one.

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