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The Patient Engagement & Health Questionnaire Solution 
with Clinical Process Support

Automation Improving Health Outcomes
Allowing More Time to Spend with Patients

Ask Dr. Howard & Dr. Sturner questions about CHADIS & discuss cases every 3rd Tuesday; 12 - 1 PM EST. See How

CHADIS has 100s of questionnaires and is the most complete web-based patient engagement & data collection system for comprehensive developmental/physical and mental health for all ages. It automatically assigns, requests, reminds, collects, scores, interprets, & graphs patient data, which makes it different from other solutions.

Offers contact-free patient registration & check-in with options for I.D. and insurance card scanning, & payments.

CHADIS helps write your clinical notes, facilitates between-visit monitoring, referrals & tracking, MOC-4 credits, and population data collection. 

More for Less - The Contact-Free Check-in, Patient Engagement, Health Questionnaire, and Clinical Process Support Solution.


Practice Manager

Automated to Save You Time, Increase Billable Income, & Contact Free For Safety

Appointment & patient questionnaire completion

Automated patient questionnaire assignments

App for contact-free registration & check-in 

Increased income through billable CPT codes

App options for mobile payments, I.D. & insurance card scan

Saves Time, Reduces Documentation Burden, Increases Quality Health Care, & Simplifies Reporting


Pre-visit patient-generated health data

  • 100's of questionnaires to choose from

  • know patient goals & agenda before the visit

  • ​early identification of health issues

  • ​track progress of development and/or treatments

  • separate confidential teen input

Care coordination - facilitates secure communication

across settings & professionals

  • "Referral Button" option for positive screen to connect with local agency/professional 

Community resources & individualized patient education based on questionnaire results, provider choice, or patient search.  

Patient-Specific Templates

  • templates: social determinants of health; asthma; & ADHD

  • graphical communication aids

  • clinical notes

  • facilitates between-visit monitoring with graphic representation over time

ABMS approved MOC-4 credits, without chart review

Population health data collection & quality improvement data reporting

Complements telehealth with digital patient health
data collection

Teacher & other caregiver input by invitation

Makes Your Trip to the Doctor, Safer, Faster, & More Convenient


Complete health questionnaires before your visit
for early identification of issues for better health

Let your provider know what your goals are for the visit and never forget those questions you want to ask.

User-friendly app to register, check-in, and make
payments from home or your car.

Easy access to personal education & resource listings

Healthcare Software Functionality

Created for in-office or telehealth efficiencies for providers.  
Created for convenience and satisfaction for patients.


  • Appointment Reminders
  • Questionnaire Completion Reminders
  • Registration
  • Check-in


Projects Include:
  • ADHD Care 
  • Asthma Care 
  • Autism Screening 
  • Depression
  • Developmental Screening
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Substance Use

Questionnaires & Forms

Adult - Child
  • Confidential Teen Input
  • Custom
  • Data Collection
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Multilingual
  • Results Scored &    Interpreted
  • Teacher Input

Population Data Collections & Reporting

  • Quality monitoring    reports to support QI
  • Registries to support population health      initiatives
  • Supports standards for compliance          programs


  • Patient-Specific Templates
    • Between Visit Monitoring
    • Clinical Notes
    • Graphical Aids
    • Social Determinants of  Health


  • Online consent form
  • Refer button option for positive screen to connect with local     agency/professional
  • Referrals & Tracking


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Check-in & Payment

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