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Medical Information

The Patient Engagement & Online Screening - Assessment Solution 
with Clinical Process Support

Automation Improving Health Outcomes
Allowing More Time to Spend with Patients

Behavioral Case Conferences - 3rd Tuesday of the month; 12 - 1 PM EST. Ask Dr. Howard & Dr. Sturner questions about CHADIS & discuss cases. See How

More than a questionnaire platform.
CHADIS helps you use the data you collect.


Clinicians choose from100s of available digital questionnaires.

Requests & Reminds

Collects & Scores


Online Screening
CHADIS Favicon

Refers & Tracks

MOC4 Credits

Population Data

Helps write clinical notes

General Health  -  Behavioral Health
Social Determinants of Health
Clinical - Patient Satisfaction  -  Consent

CHADIS features

Facilitates between visit monitoring

Baby well-visit

Managing and Documenting Common Conditions Made Easy

Use Cases

ADHD Questionnaire using CHADIS running child

Child Well Visit

Child at the Pediatrician
Woman & Doctor
Asthma Use Case
Concentrated Girl
Screening for Depression and Suicide Risk Assessment
SDOH questionnaires through CHADIS soup kitchen

Healthcare Software Functionality

Created for in-office or telehealth efficiencies for providers.  
Created for convenience and satisfaction for patients.


  • Appointment Reminders
  • Questionnaire Completion Reminders


Projects Include:
  • ADHD Care 
  • Asthma Care 
  • Autism Screening 
  • Depression
  • Developmental Screening
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Substance Use

Questionnaires & Forms

Adult - Child
  • Confidential Teen Input
  • Custom
  • Data Collection
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Multilingual
  • Results Scored &    Interpreted
  • Teacher Input

Population Data Collections & Reporting

  • Quality monitoring    reports to support QI
  • Registries to support population health      initiatives
  • Supports standards for compliance          programs


  • Patient-Specific Templates
    • Between Visit Monitoring
    • Clinical Notes
    • Graphical Aids
    • Social Determinants of  Health


  • Online consent form
  • Refer button option for positive screen to connect with local agency/ professional
  • Referrals & Tracking
Altera Digital health - CHADIS Partner


athenahealth - CHADIS Partner
Cerner - CHADIS able to integrate
eClinicalWorks Integrated with CHADIS

Integration Compatible

Epic EHR can be integrated with CHADIS

Integration Compatible

GetDoctor Intake Partner

Check-in & Payment

micromd integratesd with CHADIS
Office Practicum Integrates with CHADIS
PCC EHR Integrates with CHADIS
Veradigm Integrates with CHADIS


Behavior Imaging - CHADIS Partner
PracticeWell - CHADIS Partner
Redox - CHADIS Partner
Smartlink - CHADIS Partner
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