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How to Invite a Teen

Simply copy and paste images and verbiage to your website to use as CHADIS instructions.


Parents/caregivers may create an invitation code to invite their teenager to take a CHADIS questionnaire.  A questionnaire from teens provides clinicians with valuable information to diagnose and manage health or developmental/behavioral concerns.


Why Invite Your Teenage Child?

It is the policy of the American Academy of Pediatrics that teenagers should provide information to their doctor independently of their parents and also have private time with their doctor. It is time for them to start speaking up for themselves and their health depends on their ability to do so. In fact, teens tend to answer more honestly using a tablet or computer.

How do I Invite my Teen?

1.    Login to CHADIS at
2.    Click ‘Go’ next to the teen’s name:


Choose a Child_Patient

3.    Click ‘Go’ to invite the teen:

Test Patient

4.    Fill out the information requested. We recommend entering whatever method the teen will most likely use!

Create Invittion to Take Questionnaire

a.    Leave the ‘Self/Patient’ relationship selected.

b.    Please note, Completing the Email Notification and Text Message Notification is optional. If you do not

       have the teen's email address or cell phone number, you will still be able to provide the teen with the                   required information. Leave the Email and Text Notification section blank.

5.    Once you’ve filled out the form, click ‘Create Invitation’. 
       CHADIS will send the invitation to the teen by email or text, depending on your selection.


Create Invitation Button

6.    A printable CHADIS Invitation Card will appear. 

CHADIS Invitation Care

7.    If you’d like, you can hand the printed page to the teen. 
       Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Print. 
8.    After printing the page, click Continue and you will be taken back to your child’s CHADIS Detail page.
9.    You may log out or Take Questionnaires if needed.
10.  Your teen will go to and click on Register. 
       He or she will enter the specific invitation code and complete the registration process. 
       Once logged in, appropriate questionnaires will be available for the teen.

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