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Online System for Identifying and Addressing Teen Depression in Primary Care

Online System for Identifying and Addressing Teen Depression in Primary Care

Total Child Health was awarded a grant from NIMH for a project entitled "Online system for identifying and addressing teen depression in primary care".


Primary Investigators are Dr. Barbara Howard from Total Child Health, Dr. Raymond Sturner of Center for Promotion of Child Development through Primary Care and co-founder of CHADIS, and Dr. Marianne Wamboldt, Medical Director of the Stress and Anxiety Disorder Program part of the National Network of Depression Centers at the U of Colorado.  

Project Summary

This project addresses problems of adolescent depression and suicide risk through development and implementation of a new module for the online clinical process support system, CHADIS, now being used widely in pediatric primary care. 


The module is based on the collection of pre-visit data from the teen enquiring about their strengths and goals as well health risks, depression, and suicide risk. Results will populate a “teleprompter” for moment of care decision support for motivational interviewing related to depressive symptoms and will help connect teens to mental health and other evidence-based resources.  A chatbot will be prescribed via CHADIS for teens to interact with to promote building on strengths, accepting referrals, and as a depression intervention.


After the development of the module with professional and teen feedback and piloting, the system will undergo a randomized quality improvement clinical trial aimed at improving clinical support for teens with suicide risk as well as improved outcomes for the common and severe problem of depression in adolescents.

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