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March 2021

Maryland Community Health Resources Commission Grant “Addressing the Health & Social Needs of Vulnerable Populations”


Stone Run Family Medicine (Cecil & Surrounding Counties of Maryland). The program will support the implementation of the "Open Table" concept through two clinic practices, Stone Run and Clinica (a charitable clinic that specializes in serving Spanish-speaking residents with financial and language barriers). Open Table is a non-profit training organization that specializes in developing and directing the "social and relational assets of community-based volunteers to support vulnerable families and residents with complex needs." The program goal is to leverage community and social and relational networks to provide the support that transcends traditional safety net programs and uses a clinical process support system (CHADIS) to identify Social Determinants of Health and communicate with the Open Table group as well as other local professional and agency resources. 

May 2020

Nancy Meeder was promoted to Vice President of Sales for CHADIS (Total Child Health) after doubling sales in the first quarter in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

See thought leader and DBP Dr. Barbara Howard with PCC's Chip Hart discussing Leveraging Patient Input During the Pandemic

March 2020


See this excellent guide from CNN: Keeping your child safe and reassured as coronavirus spreads

COVID-19 Guidance Slide

January 2020

Holcomb, J. M., Riobueno-Naylor, A., Bergmann, P., Haile, H., Sturner, R., Howard, B., Jellnek, M., Murphy, M. J., Identifying adolescents with depression, suicidal ideation, and overall psychosocial problems in outpatient pediatric practice using the PHQ-9 and the PSC-17P.  Harvard Psychiatry Research Day. Jan., 2020.

September 2019

Sturner, R. Using Data to Improve Clinical Decisions, Processes, Operations and Patient Care. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Board of Medical Specialties, Sept. 2019, Chicago, IL. 

Sturner, R., Bergman, P., Howard, B., Bet, K., Stewart, L. Attar, S.,  A Toddler Adaptive Development and Autism Screen (TADAS) efficiently improves Identification at the 18-month Visit. Presented at the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Sept. 2019, Washington, DC.


Barbara Howard, MD Received the 2019 C. Anderson Aldrich Award - Howard received the award during the 2019 AAP National Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, LA on Saturday, October 26, 2019.


Two NIMH/NIDA Grants Awarded:

Online System for Identifying and Addressing Teen Depression in Primary Care

Online System for Primary Care to Prevent and Address Teen Substance Use


New Toddler Algorithmic Development and Autism Screen (TADAS) Using Machine Learning at 18 Months


Sneak Preview - Bottom line.  We are definitively showing that M-CHAT is limited at 18 months and we have two approaches that are better.  One simple and somewhat better.  The other is complicated for the computer to do but simple for parents and doctors and considerably better for autism and development. 


Attar, S., Sturner, R., Howard, B, Bergmann, P., Stewart, L., Bet, K., Baron-Cohen, S., Allison, C., Dimensional Scoring of Parent Report Screens for autism improves Accuracy at the 18-month Visit presented at the International Society for Autism Research, Montreal, CA., May, 2019 


Sturner, R., Howard, B. J., Stewart, L., Attar, S., Bergmann, P,  and  Bet, K., Utility of the M-CHAT-R for identifying Autism and/or Developmental Disorder in a Representative Community Sample at the 18-month Pediatric Visit. Presented at the International Society for Autism Research, Montreal, CA., May 2019 


Bergmann, P., Sturner, R., Howard, B., Stewart, L. Attar, S., and Bet, K. A Computer Administered Autism and Developmental Disorder Screening Test (CAADST) efficiently improves Identification at the 18-month Pediatric Visit. Presented at the International Society for Autism Research, Montreal, CA., May 2019 


Sturner, R., Bergmann, P. E., Howard, B. J., Stewart, L., Attar, S., and Bet, K., Computer Administered Autism and Developmental Screen for Toddlers (CAADST) efficiently improves Identification at the 18-mo Visit, Presented at the Pediatric Academic Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, April, 2019


Sturner, R., Howard, B. J., Bet, K.,  L. Stewart, L., Attar, S. and  Bergmann, P.,  Limitations of the M-CHAT-R in identifying Autism and/or Developmental Disorder at the 18-month Pediatric Visit Presented at the Pediatric Academic Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD,
April 2019


March 25, 2019 - CHADIS CTO, Christopher Schultz spoke at the Apache RoadShow DC at George Mason University. Chris addressed  "Locking-Down Apache Tomcat" which covers practical security for the Tomcat Java Web Application Server.



CHADIS named Top 9 Apps of 2018 by Allscripts 



We have now become a certified American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) MOC Portfolio sponsor which means we are able to provide MOC-4 for psychiatrists, family medicine doctors, physician assistants, Internal Medicine doctors as well as pediatricians.  


Howard, B., Sturner, R. A., Vullo, G., Bergmann, P., Okelo, S. Using an Online Clinical Process Support System for Asthma Care: Fewer Exacerbations and Visits Pediatric Academic Societies, May 2018. 


Join a project addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Social Determinants of Health

CHADIS is recruiting practices for an exciting project aimed at preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in children, including child maltreatment, by addressing social determinants of health and parent ACEs.


The project is a multi-year NIH-funded research intervention effort that includes the use of a family stress questionnaire (Safe Environment for Every Kid), an advanced decision support tool, and new referral-facilitation software in CHADIS. 


You will earn 25 Part 4 MOC credits at no charge, get free tablets for your waiting room, and receive other practice level benefits (e.g. improving documentation for the medical home, Community Health Needs Assessments, your QI efforts, and negotiated billing rates) and learn a very practical and efficient way to motivate parents.


Please contact  We will give you more information about the project and ask a few follow-up questions to determine your eligibility.

For more information about the project: