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CHADIS Can Help Fulfill the P4 Challenge Grant Objectives

HRSA and MCHB officially launched the Promoting Pediatric Primary Prevention (P4) Challenge competition to respond to declining rates of childhood vaccination coverage and well-child visits due to COVID-19.  The program includes grant awards between $10,000 and $25,000 to healthcare providers.

CDC data show that these declines might leave young children and communities vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles. Well-child visits are an important venue for the administration of vaccines and provide parents with an opportunity to raise concerns about a child’s behavior and mental health. Providers can also screen for developmental delays and offer personalized guidance on healthy nutrition, exercise, and safety.

The P4 Challenge will award $1 million in prizes for innovative approaches to increase access to and utilization of well-child visits and/or immunizations services within primary care settings. Partnerships with state and local organizations are encouraged, and submissions must include a primary care provider who delivers health services to children. MCHB expects to select up to 50 Phase 1 winners and up to 20 Phase 2 winners. Submissions will open on January 19th. Visit the website at https://mchb.hrsa.gov/p4challenge  to learn more about the Challenge and to sign up for updates.


CHADIS CAN HELP with pre-visit engagement, data collection, and pre-visit screening.
•    Automated messaging
•    Automated visit reminders
•    Reports of missed visits
•    Parent incentives 


Automated age-based reminders to complete questionnaires can not only improve comprehensive care but also improve attendance at visits.  CHADIS can provide reports on registered children missing visits to help in recalls.  We would love to partner with practices or networks in submitting for the grant. CHADIS can be included in your practice's grant application:

  • CHADIS capabilities support pre-visit engagement (to reduce missed visits) and post-visit reporting.

  • Awarded grant funds can be used to pay for a  CHADIS subscription.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Barbara Howard at bhoward@chadis.com     or     


*Practices are responsible for applying and writing the grants - below you can find information on how CHADIS can assist the fulfillment of the grant objectives.


CHADIS Brochure

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