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Patient Communication & Care Coordination

CHADIS provides options for supporting a wide range of clinical processes.



  • Is a preventive service prompting system that uses automated reminders by email and SMS for patients to:

    • Prior to the visit, patients complete online questionnaires that are chosen by the office and automatically assigned appropriately for the type of planned visit and the patients’ age

  • Is a reminder system for well-child visits

  • Elicits patient/family priorities, concerns, and goals

  • Allows for shared decision-making by eliciting parent and teen information and priorities then displaying select results over time in graphics 

  • Links families to appropriate community resources - automated by questionnaire results, selected by clinicians or by a teen or parent - free text search

  • CHADIS supports clinicians in assigning to patient’s MemoryBook Care Portal web page and/or printing: 

    • Personalized patient educational messages

    • Resources specific to their situation – text, videos, games, websites and local and national resources

    • Personalized treatment plans (e.g. Asthma Action Plan; ADHD goal related messages)

  • Care Coordination functionality that: 

    • Facilitates referrals and coordination between medical providers and community organizations in a direct and efficient manner.

    • Providers send and receive referrals via email and share CHADIS reports, comments, status-of-service updates and graphical co-monitoring of some outcomes.

    • The online consent form documents the patient’s consent to share information and be contacted by the receiving provider.

    • CHADIS provides a referral dashboard and automatically notifies providers of changes to ongoing referrals.

    • Is a system to track referrals made through the Care Coordination functionality

  • Teachers can be invited to provide data (including graphical representation) that can be shared with both medical and behavioral health providers  

Patient communication  and care coordinatiion online
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