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PCC EHR integrated with CHADIS

Compatible Product

Pre-visit questionnaire data is automatically scored, 

tabulated, and entered directly into PCC EHR. 

Some health, developmental, and behavioral screening tools are eligible for reimbursement through insurance or Medicaid using 96110, 96127, and 96160 billing codes.

Facilitates clinical quality measures and 

standards compliance with less work.

Eliminates the need for multiple systems, saving time! 


  • Hundreds of questionnaires directly through PCC EHR patient portal. 

  • Automated questionnaire assignments.

  • Automated emails or SMS sent to respondents to complete questionnaires.

  • CHADIS automatically sends results.

  • Decision support tools through CHADIS portal with PCC EHR.

CHADIS - PCC EHR Integration flowchart


“CHADIS generates income. It saves staff time, it saves paper, it saves printer ink, and it doesn’t tie up your room as long. I just ran my numbers from 2020, which was a slow year, and my return on investment at 140% of Medicare was eight-fold what I paid for CHADIS. So, it generates income, you get information ahead of time, which allows you better time to prepare for the visit, it allows the visit to be more directed, parents can input their concerns and you can be prepared ahead of time to address those concerns. Most of all it is better overall for the care of the patient. It is a win-win all the way around.”


Robin Warner, Union Pediatrics, Union, KY

Customer since 2013

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