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Screening Social Determinants of Health

Are you looking for a way to screen for and address social determinants of health? A way that works within your workflow and is in a form that is most comfortable for you and your patients.

CHADIS can do that for you with online screening and post-screening clinical support.

CHADIS offers screens that cover:


  • Food Insecurity

  • Substance Use, Substance Use Exposure

  • Family Challenges, Caregiver Depression, and Family Stressors

  • Relationships, Intimate Partner Violence

  • Childhood Experiences

Once a patient completes a questionnaire, CHADIS can help identify SDoH with options for clinical process support:

  • identifying potential barriers

  • connecting with local resources

  • tracking outcomes including a "referral button"

  • post-engagement messaging

  • support for patient-specific motivational interviewing

  • clinician MOC-4 credits for quality improvement

Here is what the full CHADIS SDOH workflow looks like. You can use part or all of the steps.

Patient completes screen

before routine visit

Provider reviews

results and may employ Motivational


Patient gets SMS to complete followup screen

before routine visit as needed

Provider reviews results

and may communicate

with the agency or parent/patient

Provider refers to agency

via referral button with consent efax/email

Patient gets individualized

plan reinforcing motivational


Results from agency care

sent to provider and documented in CHADIS

Agency sees consent, accepts referral, and contacts parent/patient

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