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SDOH questionnaires

Flujo de trabajo de CHADIS

Deje que CHADIS haga todo el trabajo pesado y ayude a reducir su documentación y cargas administrativas
Parent doing CHADIS questionnaires before office visit
CHADIS health questionnaire solution

Used by: Pediatricians, DBPs, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, & Behavioral Health

Respondent fills out CHADIS questionnaires.

(Self, parent/caregiver)

Results are scored and delivered in real time.

Optional CHADIS Social Determinants of Health Clinical Support

Pre-visit – Parent/caregiver completes a Family Assessment of Safety and Stress (FASS Plus)(a modified form of the SEEK) in CHADIS that, if positive, collects information about any barriers to getting help to inform a motivational interview (MI).

CHADIS health questionnaire solution

FASS screens for food insecurity, harsh punishment, severe parental stress, parental depression, intimate partner violence, and parental substance use.

Moment of visit – Teleprompter and graphics specific to the parent’s pre-visit data appear in the PST visible to the clinician to assist in completing the MI and showing empathy. ​

CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS FAMILY STRESS Motivational interview

After the visit - PST generates individualized messaging and local resources for families and gives options for clinician education:

CHADIS health questionnaire solution

For families: PST automatically generates post-visit messages tailored to the parent’s challenges, printable handouts, and suggested local resources, all accessible to the parent online in the CHADIS MemoryBook Care Portal

For clinicians: PST facilitates documentation of clinician actions; provides clinician education in the form of tips and hints, electronic chapters, and videos with options for MOC-4 credit without the need for chart audit.

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