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Speaker-Barbara J. Howard, MD

Barbara J. Howard, MD

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

Travels from Baltimore, MD

Fees: Negotiable


Dr. Howard is a highly-acclaimed speaker, president and co-founder of a healthcare

software company, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at The Johns Hopkins University

School of Medicine and is an active developmental-behavioral pediatrician.  She has authored countless pieces of research and has been a reviewer for many journals including:


Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Archives of Child and Adolescent Medicine

Journal of Pediatrics

Child Abuse and Neglect


In addition to her editorial activities, she has been a consultant for and appeared on many radio and TV broadcasts and a monthly columnist including:


Consultant to Jim Henson Productions

            "When You've Got to Go", Bear in the Big Blue House

            Sleep Episode, Bear in the Big Blue House

David Letterman Show

The Joan Rivers Show

“It’s Potty Time” appeared on Siskel and Ebert Show and The Oprah Show

The Parent Journal

BBC News

Fox television Maryland and NT Public Television

Discovery Channel

Child Magazine and Working Mother Magazine.


Speaking Topics:




ADD/ADHD: Primary Care Approach

ADHD and Comorbidities

ADHD Care and an Electronic System to Help

ADHD Plus Anxiety: How Management Must Differ

Attention Deficit Disorder in Adolescence

Behavior Management of School-Aged Children with ADHD

Diagnosis and Management of ADHD and Oppositional Behavior

Hyperactivity in the Preschool Child

Sleep in ADHD




Autism Spectrum Disorders: Screening, Diagnosis, and Management

You Can Help with Behavior of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder




Parent Report of Perceived Barriers to Adherence to Asthma Medication

Uncovering Persistent Asthma in Health Supervision Visits.

Using an Online Clinical Process Support System for Asthma Care: Fewer Exacerbations and Visits Pediatric

Behavior / Discipline


Behavior Problems in Infants and Toddlers:  Intervention Strategies

Brief Behavioral Counseling in the Primary Care Setting

Bullying and the Pediatrician

Corporal Punishment/ Noncorporal Discipline That Works

Difficult Behavior in Children

Discipline in Early Childhood

Self Esteem/ Discipline

Tips for Assessing and Managing Temper Tantrums

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers with Behavior Problems

We already tried that ... Refining your behavior management plans

Working with Families on Behavioral Issues




Common Developmental Challenges: Toileting and Sleep

Communicating with Children of Different Ages

Key Concepts in Development: Normal and Abnormal

Moral Development in Children: Primary Care Implications




ODD and Conduct Disorders

The Newest ‘Rage’: Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

The Hyper-aggressive Young Child

The Oppositional Child


Emotional / Mental Health


Building Your Child’s Self-esteem

Caring for the Psychological Needs of the Infant

Diagnosing Emotional and Learning Problems in the Young

Helping Children Cope with Stress: Divorce, Death

Infant Mental Health Assessment

The Angry Child


Family Issues


Adapting to Adoption: Supporting Children and Families

Bringing ‘Helicopter Parents’ in for a Landing

Helping Siblings Get Along

Impact of Divorce on Children

Intimate Partner Violence Screening

Parenting Dysfunction

Prepping for New Babies in the Family

Stressed Families, Stressed Children

Thinking Systemically: Family Focused Pediatrics

Working with Difficult Families


Feeding – Eating


Feeding Disorders in Infants and Toddlers

He Just Won’t Eat - Feeding Problems in Children




A Child’s Perceived Strengths and Challenges

Interviewing Young Children

Making a Referral
Breaking Worrisome News

Me? Address social determinants of health? How?

Mindfulness and Child Health

Staying fit or fearing fat?

The Use of Hypnotic Language in Counseling and Behavior Management of Children

The Value of the Pre-baby Visit

Tips on Tics

Violence Prevention - The Role and Responsibility of the Pediatrician Parenting and Violence

When Media Overload Menaces Health


Mood Disorders


Anxiety and Depression: Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Depression in Childhood


School and Daycare


Daycare and the Developing Child

School Adjustment Issues

School Discipline

School Refusal




Why, oh why, won’t she go to bed?! - Sleep Problems in Children

Sleep in ADHD

Sleepless in Adolescence

Sleep Apnea and Sleep Problems

Sleep Disorders: Toddlers and Teens

Common Developmental Challenges: Toileting and Sleep


Screening / Evaluating


Development and Autism Screening in Primary Care

Developmental and Mental Health Screening

Diagnosing Emotional and Learning Problems in the Young

Diagnosing the Out of Control Preschooler

Evaluation of the Child with Behavioral/Emotional Problems

Improving ASD Screening in Primary Care through Physician-led Quality Improvement

Infant Mental Health Assessment

Intimate Partner Violence Screening Intimate

Partner Violence Screening

Language Assessment by the Pediatrician

Screening for Delayed Infant Development in the Context of the Routine Pediatric Exam

Tools for Screening Mental Health in Primary Care




Anticipatory Guidance Regarding Sexuality for Pediatricians

Sexuality in Children

Talking about Sexuality at Home and in the Office

Teenage Sexuality and Counseling


Special Needs


Communicating with Parents about Children with Handicaps

Discipline for Special Needs Children

Supporting Siblings of Children with Special Needs


Toilet Training


Behavioral Aspects of Encopresis


He just won’t poop - Solving Stool Refusal

Internet incontinence and other daytime disasters

Toileting Problems




CHADIS: An electronic system of care for primary care

CHADIS for evidence-based asthma care

CHADIS for evidence-based ADHD care

CHADIS for screening and management of social determinants of health


Contact: Karen Gauthier at 

Barbara Howard, MD
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