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Telehealth and the ADHD Visit


Using CHADIS for the ADHD Telehealth Visit

CHADIS assists with:

•    Triage    
•    Screening
•    Diagnosis
•    Shared Decision Making
•    Monitoring

•    Patient Education
•    Integrated Behavioral Health
•    Care Coordination
•    Research

•    Maintenance of Certification (MOC-4) + CME
•    Additional Revenue 

For ADHD Care Related Tools CHADIS offers:

Intake and Screening

•    Developmental Intake
•    Pregnancy and Perinatal History
•    Child Medical History

  • Family History

  • Your own custom intake forms can be mapped

ADHD Screening and Data Collection

•    ADHD Developmental Intake Form 
•    ADHD Rating Scale IV - Preschool Version
•    Adult AORS: Symptom Checklist
•    Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1)        Symptom Checklist
•    CADDRA Teacher Assessment Form                  Available in English, French (Canada)
•    CARS2
•    Conners 3TM (All versions)
•    Goals for Change (child & self)
•    Goals Questionnaire 
•    Medication Questionnaire 
•    Medication Side Effects (Parent)
•    Medication Side Effects (Teacher)
•    School Intervention Questionnaire
•    Teacher's Report Form for Ages 6-18 (TRF          6-18)

•    Vanderbilt Follow-Up Parent Informant
•    Vanderbilt Follow-Up Parent Informant (with                  Medication Supplement)
•    Vanderbilt Follow-Up Teacher Informant
•    Vanderbilt Follow-Up Teacher Informant (with                Medication Supplement) 
•    Vanderbilt Initial Parent Informant
•    Vanderbilt Initial Parent Informant (with Medication        Supplements)
•    Vanderbilt Initial Teacher Informant
•    Vanderbilt Initial Teacher Informant (with                        Medication Supplement)
•    Weiss ADHD Co-morbid Health Screen (WACS)

Other Tools Helpful for ADHD Care

  • Development – ASQ-3, CDI, IDI, SWYK, Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (DCDQ)

  • Emotional Development - ASQ-SE, ECSA

  • Strengths  - Abilities and Interests

  • Sleep – BEARS, Childhood Sleep Questionnaire

  • Internet Addiction –  PRIUSS

  • Substance Use – CRAFFT+N, AUDIT

  • Comorbid Mental Health – PHQ-A, PHQ-9, PHQ-2, GAD-2, GAD-7, SCARED, SDQ, SDQ-FA, PSC-17, PSC-35, DIPA-5

  • Autism Specific – Social & Communications Disorders Checklist, Social Communications Questionnaire, Australian Asperger’s Scale, Checklist for Autism Spectrum Disorders

•    Social Determinants – SEEK, FASS, PRAPARE
•    Teacher Input – Vanderbilt, Connors, CBCL, School       Intervention, Checklist for Autism Spectrum                     Disorders, CADDRA Teacher Report
•    DSM-5 Primary Care
•    Diagnostic
Weiss Functional Impairment Rating           Scale, Weiss Symptom Record II, Mini-KID-5                 Structured Interview 

How Would a Workflow for an ADHD Tele-visit Work?  
  1. Within CHADIS, set up visit types
    • Select among the questionnaires offered by CHADIS to be completed by parent or patient by visit type and age.
  2. Once respondent registers (parent or patient) questionnaires can be completed online based on age, visit type, at home or in the waiting room using a smartphone, computer, or tablet. 
    • Respondents can choose English, Spanish, French, or another language
    • Clinician see the results in English or the other language
  3. Once completed, clinicians can see instantly scored results in real-time and are linked to decision support and resources – all automatically.
  4. Results can be in summary form or can be seen in a detailed form.

How Does the Decision Support Feature Work for ADHD?

CHADIS ADHD Patient Specific Template (PST) 

•    Questionnaires pre-populate the ADHD PST
•    Template presents results and interview options within guidelines
•    Decision support presents links
•    Vanderbilt graphic shows results from respondents with medication dose
•    Pre-populates letters for 504 Plan and IEP
•    Auto-text report is created and can be edited
•    Patient-specific education appears in the patient’s Care Portal or can be printed
•    Documents clinician’s actions for evidence-based care
•    Custom data reports run at your request 


See the entire questionnaire list.


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