Telemedicine is growing rapidly as an efficient way for patients to access health care and patients are demanding it.


CHADIS offers many features that can make delivering care by telemedicine easier and more complete.


  • CHADIS provides Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) and Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) through 100s of adult and pediatric general health, development and autism, and behavioral health questionnaires/clinical tools – all of which are accessed online and do not require an in-person visit.

  • Patients are reminded to complete questionnaire by automated reminders via email or SMS.

  • Questionnaires for the visit are set up once by the office and automatically assigned appropriately for the type of concern or type of visit taking into account the patient’s age. This is essential for telemedicine where there is no front desk staff to hand out questionnaires.

  • Previsit questionnaires assure a complete visit. This is especially important in telemedicine where less observation data is available.

  • Some questionnaires display results over time in graphics for shared decision making.

  • Families can receive links to educational resources and appropriate community resources based on questionnaire results, selected by clinicians, or selected by a teen or parent through the CHADIS Care Portal without being physically present for a visit.

  • CHADIS Care Portal can provide personalized treatment plans (e.g. Asthma Action Plan; ADHD goal related messages) that can be updated remotely by the clinician.

  • CHADIS Care Coordination functionality facilitates referrals and data sharing and automatically tracks them.  

  • Billing for questionnaires adds to telemedicine visit income for the clinician.

  • CHADIS can serve as a secure, simple and inexpensive electronic record accepting clinician notes and formatting for easy printing or pdf creation of referral notes.