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federally qualifed health centers
  • Streamlined patient data collection

  • Confidential and private login, completion, and patient-specific resources.

  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant

Primary Care Practices

Automation Improving the Screening and Data Collection Process

Saves Time and Resources

No More Paper, Scoring, and Scanning.


CHADIS is a preventive service prompting system that uses automated reminders by email and SMS for patients to complete online questionnaires chosen by the office and automatically assigned appropriately for the type of planned visit and the patients’ age.

  • History - intake - demographics - consent

  • General medical 

  • ADHD

  • Social Determinants of Health (food/housing insecurity, transportation, partner violence, substance use)

  • Mental/behavioral health

  • Sports physicals - concussion

  • Custom questionnaires/forms

SDOH questionnaire in Spanish
CHADIS_tablet_screen copy_edited_edited.jpg

CHADIS Offers Screens and Assessments that Can Transform Your Raw Data into Actionable Insights

  • Elicits patient/family priorities, concerns, and goals

  • Social Determinants of Health screens identify barriers to maintaining good health and accessing care.

  • Many assessments are multilingual for the patient.

  • Some assessments minimize literacy challenges with the use of pictures along with the text.

  • Data reports are available to reveal the needs of your patient population so you can provide resources and referrals.

  • Complements telehealth for remote digital patient data collection.

Offers a Full Range of Peditatric Tools and Clinical Support

  • Is a reminder system for well-child visits

  • Triggered visit and age-specific questionnaires for completion, corrected for prematurity.

  • Results are scored and delivered in real time.

  • Private portal for teens

  • FERPA-compliant asynchronous bi-directional communication by invitation. (School to parent and parent to school)

  • "Developmental prescriptions” are created based on the
    child’s milestones.

  • Tailored safety guidance


SDOH, Depression-Substance Use, Asthma, and ADHD Smart Templates

  • General health and behavioral health-related resources

  • CHADIS Care Portal can provide personalized
    treatment plans (e.g., Asthma Action Plan
    , ADHD
    goal-related messages) that can be updated remotely
    by the clinician and searched for by patients/parents.

  • Generates 504 plan and IEP letters

  • Optional guidance for medication selection

Child at the Pediatrician
  • Follow-up depression symptom monitoring between visits can be selected. 

  • PHQ-9, if positive, can trigger f/u questions that collect information about motivation/preferences to be used during patient interviews.

  • Suicide risk assessment worksheet and even create a Safety Plan with the teen and family

  • Can earn you MOC-4 credit without manual chart review


Offers a Full Range of Tools for Internal Medicine and Family Practice

  • Mental/Behavioral Health Tools

    • Abnormal movements

    • ADHD

    • Anxiety - Depression - Mood disorders - Suicide

    • Postnatal Depression 

    • Personality Disorders

    • Eating Disorders

    • Obsessive-compulsive

    • Substance use

    • Self injury

    • Loneliness

  •  General Health Tools

    • Consent - History - Demographics - Sexuality/gender

    • Pre-appointment COVID screener

    • DHCS Staying Healthy Assessments

    • Safety/Accident - Falls Risk

    • Prostate Screen

  •  General Health Tools

    • Relationships - Social Support

    • SDOH

    • Concussion

    • ACEs

    • Transition Readiness

    • Partner violence

CHADIS patient Referral and Care Coordination screen

Care Coordination – Facilitates Secure 
Communication Across Settings & Professionals

  • Providers send and receive referrals via email and share CHADIS reports, comments, status-of-service updates, and graphical co-monitoring of some outcomes.

  • The online consent form documents the patient’s consent to share information and be contacted by the receiving provider.

  • CHADIS provides a referral dashboard and automatically notifies providers of changes to ongoing referrals.

  • Referral reminders to increase engagement and satisfaction questionnaires to help rate the efficacy of referral sites.

Use Collected Patient Generated-data for
Population Data Collections & Reporting

  • Saves time, reduces documentation burden, and simplifies reporting

  • ABMS approved MOC-4 credits without chart review

  • Quality monitoring reports to support QI

  • Registries to support population health initiatives

  • Supports standards for compliance programs

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