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Doctor using CHADIS Questionnaires and Assessments

100s of Questionnaires & Assessments

Automated for delivery, scored in real-time, results include interpretive text for CPT billing. No more limited pass/fail scoring.

Get Time Back at the End of the Day with CHADIS Automations!

CHADIS offers multilingual assessments, access to services through an easy-to-use referral module, and reports to assist with the interpretation of patient data.

  • triggered pre-visit  with scored & flagged results for your attention.

  • separate confidential teen input & private teen education & resources

  • teacher & other caregiver input by invitation

  • supports telehealth with remote online pre-visit data & post-visit education

  • EHR and patient portal integrations for access without login

  • “refer button” option for positive screen to connect with local agency/professional 

CHADIS SDOH Spanish Questionnaire Results
Taking CHADIS questionnaires

100s of Child and Adult Questionnaires - Tools for the Whole Family - in Many Languages

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • EPSDT Questionnaires

  • Private portal for teens

  • Visit Priorities or Chief Concern

  • General Health Questionnaires

  • Behavioral Health Questionnaires

  • Developmental and Autism Questionnaires

  • Child and adult questionnaires in various languages

  • Custom questionnaires 

Example: Asthma Action Plan

Provider Can Offer Patient Education /Electronic Handouts

  • "Developmental prescriptions” created based on the
    child’s milestones

  • Tailored safety guidance

  • Anxiety-related resources

  • CHADIS Care Portal can provide personalized
    treatment plans (e.g. Asthma Action Plan; ADHD
    goal-related messages) that can be updated remotely
    by the clinician and searched for by patients/parents.

Tablet to take CHADIS Questionaires
CHADIS Asthma Questionnaire results - Treatment
CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS Referral and Care Coordination
CHADIS health questionnaire solution

Care Coordination – Facilitates Secure 
Communication Across 
Settings & Professionals

  • Providers send and receive referrals via email and share CHADIS reports, comments, status-of-service updates, and graphical co-monitoring of some outcomes.

  • The online consent form documents the patient’s consent to share information and be contacted by the receiving provider.

  • CHADIS provides a referral dashboard and automatically notifies providers of changes to ongoing referrals.

  • Referral reminders to increase engagement and satisfaction questionnaires to help rate the efficacy of referral sites.

Example: Automated Interrupted
Time Series Run Charts

Use Collected Patient Generated-data for
Population Data Collections & Reporting

  • Saves Time, Reduces Documentation Burden,  and simplifies Reporting

  • ABMS approved MOC-4 credits, without chart review

  • Quality monitoring reports to support QI

  • Registries to support population health initiatives

  • Supports standards for compliance programs

CHADIS Results Run Chart
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