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Acute Care Visit Use Case

Let CHADIS do all of the heavy work with a suite of questionnaires to assist the patient in completing the History of Present Illness and having the resulting information create a visit note! 

Used by: Pediatricians, Family Practice, & Internal Medicine

Adult annual visit screening questionnaires
  • Patient accesses CHADIS through app or login

  • Patient completes questionnaire which sorts out illness, injury, or behavioral concerns providing an editable history of present illness write-up 

CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS HPI Questionnaire Patient View
  • Helps triage patients e.g., assigning them to an appropriate clinician or time slot.

  • Results in an encounter note that reduces provider documentation burden.

Questionnaire data populates the note field.

CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS Detail Report with HPI
CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS HPI Edit Comment

Simply, review the created narrative, edit/add as needed, and copy-paste into the EHR.

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