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Center for Promotion of Child Development Through Primary Care

Nonprofit Partner

Center for Promotion of Child Development Through Primary Care


The Center, a non-profit organization and initial creator of CHADIS, has Dr. Raymond Sturner as its director. The Center's mission is to improve the lives of children and families through research, training, and support for parents and healthcare providers based on knowledge of child development. Specifically, the Center's goals are to develop a mechanism for using the pediatric check-up visit as a window into the social, emotional and behavioral health of the child and his/her family.


The Center was established to conduct research integrating child development knowledge into primary pediatric care and to disseminate this knowledge in practical form nationally. Further, the Center was designed to serve as a multidisciplinary training site for child healthcare.


A major focus of the Center is the demonstration laboratory, which is located within a pediatric practice associated with Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The laboratory provides the chance to study routine pediatric visits and capitalize on opportunities to learn about child/family development and provide guidance for its enhancement. 

The Center is the recipient of the Portfolio Sponsorship of the American Board of Pediatrics and provides quality assurance for the MOC-4 activities of CHADIS. 

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