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MemoryBook Care Portal

Each child has his or her own CHADIS MemoryBook Care Portal.

This unique and secure patient engagement addendum to CHADIS is designed to be a way for clinicians to join with parents and teens to:

  • Capture special memories and achievements in a keepsake format.

  • Provide suggestions for educational activities based on the child’s profile of developmental attainments (e.g. based on Ages and Stages milestones)

  • Provide important health information tailored just for them by questionnaire results and/or clinician selection (e.g. an automatic alert of improper car seat use, or an Asthma Action Plan, 504 Plan, IEP request letter, resulting from a CHADIS Patient Specific Template)

  • Give access to a file of resources free of advertising that they can search through, including community programs, books, guidelines on child development, and much more.

  • Provide private information - Information for one parent can be kept private even from other family members who are also authorized to use CHADIS for the child.

  • Communicate - Care coordinators such as an asthma nurse, with parent consent, can communicate with parents via the Care Portal as well as monitor whether parents have opened the assigned alerts and resources.

Contact your Account Manager for more information about the MemoryBook Care Portal.

Patient Education - CHADIS memorybook care portal
CHADIS Memory CarePortal
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