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Quality Improvement Data and Reports

Quality Improvement Data & Reports

Quality Monitoring:

CHADIS can produce quality monitoring reports and registries for internal use by practices and providers. All reports are securely delivered on a scheduled basis, with CHADIS account management offering suggestions to support quality improvement.


Reports can be used to support standards for compliance with PCMH, Medicaid requirements, such as EPSDT, and other programs. Reports can be used to support Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) required for tax-exempt hospitals. 


CHADIS also provides reports of overall questionnaire participation rates for continuous quality improvement feedback to optimize implementation and ensure that practices derive maximum value from using CHADIS. 


Supports QI/MOC-4 Initiatives:


Reports track the effectiveness of QI initiatives (i.e. screening all adolescents for depression)


CHADIS offers decision support within the patient record and can document provider actions based on questionnaire results as used for some MOC-4 activities.



Registries provide support for population health initiatives (e.g., identify children at risk for developmental delay and follow up to ensure referrals to ECI were completed)


Registries provide support for CNA (community needs analysis) and health initiative planning


Documentation of Post-Visit Care:


CHADIS MemoryBook Care Portal houses local and national resource referral links and printable handouts based on screening results. The Care Portal documents the resources that were delivered to caregivers.


Referrals made as the result of CHADIS screenings are monitored for completion through CHADIS Care coordination platform.

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