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CHADIS features and benefits

Other CHADIS Features and Options

CHADIS has many features available to support patient care.  Please review the list of options or features and let us know if you have any questions!


CHADIS Features and Options


1.     Implementation services and client support

  • Initial and interval training (contact us for a refresher via

  • Part IV MOC programs and QI method of implementation with usage graphics Implementation services and support

  • Information about special features:

  • Alternative login/registration 

  • Waiting Room Solutions: Quick Enroll, QR code enroll

  • Reminders by text and email 

  • Outreach invitation to collect teacher/other caregiver input

  • Tracking and outcome measurement

  • Referral link with automated follow up for outcome measurement and satisfaction feedback


2.     Specialized questionnaire features

  • Child safety assessment triggering individualized guidance

  • Graphics over time for scored measures for shared decision making

  • Questionnaires with interactive health risk goal setting and education

  • Questionnaires collecting key information for facilitating in-person motivational interviewing

  • Adaptive MCDI vocabulary assessment for toddlers (in development)

  • Clinician autism evaluation tool prefilled with parent observations (CARS)

3.     Graphical results (in CHADIS) and advanced reporting for QI and population health initiatives

  • Reports at scheduled intervals

  • Reports of outlier patients e.g. suicidal ideation; out of control asthma, dangerous substance use

  • Registries based on questionnaire results or diagnoses

  • Teacher/parent medication graphical display 

  • Sports physical form filling function

  • Repeated reminders until questionnaires are completed

4.     Chronic condition decision support and documentation modules (PSTs)

Accessible via CHADIS


A. Focus areas

  • Asthma, Social Determinants of Health, Youth questionnaire with assessment of health risks and self-goal setting, Depression and Suicide Risk Assessment, Child psychiatry version of Depression and Suicide Risk Assessment, ADHD/mental health, Substance Use Prevention Module with youth interactive educational tool

 B. Module features

  • Report combining parent, teen, teacher input

  • Motivational Interviewing guide specific to patient data and adherence barriers

  • Patient questionnaire triggering individualized handouts and resources

  • Pre-filled consent forms and letters to school

  • Decision support tailored to condition severity including medication guidance

  • National Care Guidelines incorporated into the template for point of care advice e.g. depression, suicide, asthma, social determinants, child behaviors

  • Summary of visit in conclusion/Summary of past visit conclusions and goals

  • Visit summary sent to CHADIS Care Portal

  • Graphics to share with the patient

5.     Adolescent care features

  • Teen strengths and goals assessment and linked resources

  • Age-specific questionnaire items

  • Private teen username and password

  • Parent invitation for teen registration

  • Teen health goal selection based on health risks

  • Private teen Care Portal for education and resources not visible to the parent

  • Goal reminder SMSs

  • Clinician option to send teen a text message with auto text and/or free text from CHADIS number (no reply)

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