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Adult Annual Visit use case

Adult Annual Visit Use Case

Let CHADIS do all of the heavy work from visit reminders, triggered questionnaires for completion, scoring and delivering results in real-time & so much more.

Used by: Pediatricians, Family Practice, & Internal Medicine

  • Sends reminders for Adult Annual Visits

  • Sends request/reminder to patient to complete questionnaires/forms via email/SMS

Adult annual visit screening questionnaires
  • Receives a text/email from the clinician’s office to complete questionnaires

  • Accesses questionnaires through app or log in

  • Completes questionnaires/forms

NEW Clinician View of Details of Answers.png

Results are scored and delivered in real-time.

Some positive results may trigger follow-up questionnaires to save time during the visit. CHADIS also interprets and graphs some outcomes.

Based on results, suggests resources, educational materials, and/or treatment plans


Upon request:

  • MOC credits without Chart review

  • QI and quality monitoring reporting

  • Registries to support health initiatives


Facilitates care coordination – online consent, referral, and communication coordination between providers

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