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Behavioral Health

The Measurement-based Behavioral Health Care Solution for
Outcomes Informed Care

Behavioral Health

100s of Pre-visit Evidence-based Tools & Clinical Support Options to Diagnose, Monitor, Inform Treatment Plans & Care, & Add Income

Automated, convenient & flexible.

Screen, diagnose, & monitor through web-based, real-time data for all ages.

Questionnaire categories include:

  • ADHD

  • abnormal movements

  • anxiety

  • conduct

  • depression/mood disorders/suicide development

  • eating disorders family/environment measures

  • OCD

  • parenting

  • personality disorders

  • social skills

  • substance use

  • trauma

Patient Education /Electronic Handouts

  • "Developmental prescriptions” created based on the child’s milestones

  • Tailored safety guidance

  • Anxiety-related resources

  • CHADIS Care Portal can provide personalized treatment plans (e.g. Asthma Action Plan; ADHD goal-related messages) that can be updated remotely by the clinician.

patient tele-health visit on cell phone
Teen completing CHADIS questionnaire on cell phone


Separate teen input and private teen education and


Patient completing CHADIS on tablet

Between-visit Monitoring

Includes a range of tools to monitor symptoms before and between visits for ADHD, depression, anxiety, tics and movements, and medication side effects.

Teacher completing CHADIS for student with ADHD

Communicate with Schools

& Primary Care Providers 

Allows patients and parents to provide online consent and “invite” teachers, other professionals,  or caregivers to provide data.

Psychology Session

Clinical Support Options

Automated care plans for depression, substance use, & ADHD. Facilitates Suicide Safety Plan

Colleagues at Work

Integrated Behavioral Health Care

Providers send & receive referrals via secure email or fax & share reports, comments, status-of-service updates, & graphical co-monitoring of some outcomes within CHADIS.

Clinic using CHADIS for record keeping

Facilitates Documentation

CHADIS can also be used for clinical record keeping or as a supplement. 

Smiling Businesswoman

Adds Convenience to Front Office Workflow

  • automated questionnaire assignments/requests

  • pre-visit reminders

Depression & Suicide Risk Assessment Module

  • Automated care plans for depression, substance use, & ADHD

  • Facilitates Suicide Safety Plan

  • Schedule follow-up questionnaires

  • Make referrals with a prefilled consent form for data sharing

Teen needs to use CHADIS for depression and suicide risk assessment
Children treated with ADHD screened by CHADIS

ADHD Pre-filled Chronic Care Module

ADHD Patient Specific Template:

  • gathers pre-visit ADHD information from parents AND teachers

  • FERPA compliant

  • share graphic representations of data via video

  • tailored, research-supported goals for clinicians to review with parents

  • generates 504 Plan and IEP Letters 

  • eases documentation burden with automated report assistance

  • monitor between visits


"As the Director of a mental health clinic, I was searching for an easy-to-use tool that would empower our clinicians to provide the highest quality of evidence-based care. CHADIS has been that tool for us. CHADIS has an immense library of measures to assess the full spectrum of mental health problems across the lifespan, for children, adolescents, and adults."

Dr. Walter Scott, Director of Washington State University, Psychology Clinic

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