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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


CHADIS is a system that collects and stores information about patients, seen by clinicians, with the goal to improve health care. This information may be personally-identifiable information tied to patients and respondents, e.g., parents and teachers, as well as their responses to various questionnaires. This information is stored indefinitely within CHADIS, as is required in order to provide our services to the clinicians who have licensed this service, and will not be shared with anyone other than your clinician and his/her staff. Aggregate reports (those de-identified reports that include information about hundreds of patients, but do not identify any one individual) are routinely used to improve CHADIS and may be shared with outside groups. Information that could be used to identify you or your family members will never be shared with anyone outside CHADIS and your clinician's office.


Aside from health information, CHADIS also stores information about your use of CHADIS, including the Internet address from which you used CHADIS, the type of web browser you are using, the time and date of use, the address of the page that took you to CHADIS, and any cookies sent by your web browser. This information is used to measure the use and performance of CHADIS, and to help improve CHADIS for all our users. This information will not be shared with anyone outside CHADIS.


Cookies are used to track your use of CHADIS during a single visit to our website. CHADIS works without cookies enabled, so if you are uncomfortable with their use, you are free to disable them while using CHADIS.


If you send an email message to someone at CHADIS, we will keep a copy of your message indefinitely so that we can respond to it and refer to it in the future if necessary. This information will not be shared with anyone outside CHADIS.



CHADIS is often conducting research to discover better ways to provide healthcare. These projects are usually funded by agencies such as NIH and always supervised for patient safety and security by a certified Institutional Review Board. You may be asked to participate in a study. If you wish to participate you will complete a consent form. No personally identifying information for research is used without your consent.

Security Statement

CHADIS maintains the highest security standards to help protect your data. Data being sent to or from CHADIS is encrypted at the highest level supported by your web browser using HTTPS. We currently only accept connections which are encrypted using 128-bits or better and using TLSv1.2 or better. Our servers are kept in locked cabinets in a data center which requires a smart-card and hand-scan to gain access. Data backups are encrypted and stored in a secure off-site location.

Questions about privacy and security should be sent to

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