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CHADIS history, mission and team

About Us

Clinical Process Support System for Comprehensive Care

Our History

CHADIS, Inc. (formerly known as Total Child Health, Inc.), was established in 2001 by Drs. Barbara Howard and Raymond Sturner, both physicians and leaders in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. CHADIS, Inc. is the sole distributor of CHADIS and partners with the non-profit, Center for Promotion of Child Development through Primary Care. The Center’s mission is to conduct research and further develop computerized methods of assisting primary care clinicians in the detection, treatment, and prevention of mental, behavioral, and developmental problems, as well as promoting positive development in all children and strengths in adults. The Center focuses on developing capabilities to enhance routine check-up visits, including those with special health risk conditions. Physician training is a part of the core mission with a focus on innovation in "moment of care" decision support. The Center and CHADIS Inc. work closely together with more theoretical and early development research conducted by the Center and commercialization and business operations handled by CHADIS, Inc.

CHADIS history, mission, and team

The mission of CHADIS, Inc. is to provide products and services that improve mental and physical health. In particular, the company focuses on the development and distribution of a web-based platform called CHADIS (Comprehensive Health and Decision Information System). While CHADIS, Inc. focuses on providing technology-based tools and services to clinicians, the Center has provided much of the research-based findings that constitute the backbone of the technology developed by CHADIS, Inc. CHADIS, Inc. has been a recipient of thirteen NIH and CDC Small Business Innovation Research awards. Together with the Center, CHADIS has received more than $15 million in federal and foundation grants for research and development of the current system. The true driver for the company’s success and the need for further development of its products and services are the desires of families using the system for the health of both children and adults.

BARBARA HEADSHOT_Retouched_edited.jpg

Dr. Barbara Howard, President

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Barbara Howard is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician who trained with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton at Harvard University. Barbara is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and former Co-Director of the fellowship program. She is a national speaker on child behavior problems and is a past President of the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She was a contributing author for Bright Futures™, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Primary Care (DSM-PC) and Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health and has served on national committees of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Raymond Sturner, MD

Dr. Raymond Sturner, Director 

Center for Promotion of Child Development through Primary Care

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Raymond Sturner is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and former Director of the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship Training Program at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was previously Director of the Child Development Unit at Duke University.  His research interests have been focused on innovation in the clinical process of regular child health check-ups. CHADIS is an online clinical process support system that he co-founded. He continues to be active in research and development involving CHADIS.  He has been the principal investigator of over 100 "grant years" of research and demonstration projects.   He had his fellowship training in developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Yale University and pediatric training at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

CHADIS Co-founders


Chris Daly

Chris Daly


Chris Schultz

Christopher Schultz

Nancy Cooper

Nancy Cooper
VP of Sales

Sharissa Epps

Sharissa Epps
SVP of Global Partnerships & Product Strategy

Support Team

Apurva Koirala

Apurva Koirala
Health Informatics Program Director

Hana Schwartz

Hana Walters
Senior Client Success Manager

Marla Shuman

Marla Shuman
Sr Strategic Account Manager

Brandon Joines

Brandon Joines
Client and Implementation Specialist

Tara Esreepersaud Account Manager

Tara Esreepersaud
Account Manager

Steven Chapman Account Manager

Steven Chapman
Account Manager

Poulomi Dey Account Manager

Poulomi Dey
Account Manager

Joe Balint headshot

Joe Balint
Sales Manager

Jamie Steele Sales Manager

Jamie Steele
Sales Manager 

Karen Gauthier Headshot

Karen Gauthier
Marketing Director 

Susan Burgee Senior Software Engineer

Susan Burgee
Senior Software Engineer

Liam Kerr Software Engineer

Liam Kerr
Software Engineer

Avatar 83

Michael Berger
Senior Healthcare Documentation Developer

Stephanie Porcaro Custom Questionnaire Development Manager

Stephanie Porcaro
Manager, Custom Questionnaire Development

Darcy Ballard Account

Darcy Ballard
Staff Accountant

Chris Barnard Payroll Administrator

Christine Barnard
Payroll Specialist

Colleen McNutt Grant Administrator

Colleen McNutt
Grant Administrator

Diana Kennedy Chief Research Informatics Officer

Diana Kennedy 

Chief Research Informatics Officer

Yidan Cao Research Analyst

Yidan Cao
Research Analyst

Serena Mani Research Associate

Serena Mani
Research Associate

Paul Bergman Senior Data Scientist

Paul Bergman
Senior Data Scientist

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