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“Is CHADIS HIPAA Compliant?”

Absolutely! CHADIS is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant. It also meets the school security standards of FERPA.

“Is CHADIS multilingual?”  

The main CHADIS interface can be viewed by patients in both English and Spanish with core questionnaires available in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and French.  Questionnaire results are shown to the clinician in English regardless of the language used to complete them.

“Is CHADIS integrated with any EHRs?”

While CHADISDirect results can be transferred through copy-paste or pdf upload and do not require integration with an EHR, CHADIS is currently integrated with Allscripts – Touchworks EHR and Professional EHR, athenahealth EHR, eClinicalWorks, and Office Practicum. Integration with Epic is underway and a Cerner integration is available on a per-site basis. Plus, more integrations are in the works!

“Which billing codes can I use to bill for screens?”                         

There are over 600 screens, most are billable with the following codes: Developmental Screening – 96110; Mental Health Screening – 96127 and Health Risk 99420 or 96160, Monitoring 96910, etc.; More Complex billing - 99214 and 99215, is justified using Review of Systems and Family & Social Histories. Often screening codes can be billed several times at health supervision visits and this is generally true for problem visits, e.g., Vanderbilt for ADHD, though payments through private insurers vary by state. Medicaid pays these codes in almost every state.

“Why should clinicians view the results themselves within CHADIS?”    

When the clinician logs into the CHADIS website s/he can:

  • Look at details of questions and answers of tools

  • Complete M-CHAT Follow Up in minutes with one click

  • Use Clinician Tools during the visit e.g. CARS, CRAFFT

  • View graphic display for some tools eg ASQ, Vanderbilt, PACCI*

  • Access resources for the patient and assign them to MemoryBook Care Portal

  • Access eChapters and other reference materials related to the results

  • Access Patient Specific Templates to provide guideline-based care easily

  • Document clinician actions needed for Part 4 Maintenance of Certification credit

"How does CHADIS send reports containing sensitive information?"

CHADIS sends reports containing sensitive information in encrypted ZIP files.  See here for more information.

"How do providers login to CHADIS to see their patient's questionnaire results?"

Play this video

This is one example of the numerous videos and handouts in the Knowledge Base to use to learn or review CHADIS functionality.

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