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0-3 & Early Childhood

Improving Screening Workflow for Early Childhood Education

CHADIS helps you :

  • simplify the screening workflow and access data to identify cognitive, behavioral, and family life challenges.

  • simplify documentation and reporting of the data to evaluate program effectiveness and student growth.

Preschool Class
Teen completing CHADIS questionnaires on cell phone


CHADIS is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant. It also meets the school security standards of FERPA.

Computer with Graph


Provides reports for program evaluation and funders.

Data more accurate when questionnaires completed on a device

More Accurate Data

Studies show that people are more forthcoming when completing questionnaires on a device. 

Teacher with Pupils


  • Reduces time and labor spent collecting, scoring & scanning questionnaires

  • Provides questionnaire scores before meeting with parents

  • Parent AND teacher data provides a clearer view of student challenges across environments

  • Offers next developmental stage activities

  • Provides reports for program evaluation and funders

  • 100s of questionnaires: (multilingual)

    • developmental & ASD

    • ADHD

    • Social Determinants of Health (food/housing insecurity, transportation, domestic violence, harsh parenting)

    • safety

    • parenting 

  • Automatically assigns 

  • Email or SMS reminders to complete

  • Parent/caregiver input by invitation

  • Scores in real-time 

Playing toddlers


“CHADIS is convenient. It's online. We can send parents the link and they complete the ASQ:3 and ASQ:SE. It is protected, that's very important. It has the ability to resend and collect that data over time and give tips for developmental activities. It's super user-friendly. 

We love the reports. We gather the data and we include it as one data point for making our decisions.”

Laurel Mateyka, Principal

.H. Miller Elementary School
Plano, IL

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