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Screening for Social Determinants of Health

Screening for Social Determinants of Health

CHADIS can help identify SDoH with options for clinical process support: identifying potential barriers; support for patient specific motivational interviewing; clinician MOC-4 credits for quality improvement; post-engagement messaging; connection with local resources; tracking outcomes - together comprising an entire system of care with population metrics.

Patient completes screen

before routine visit

Provider reviews

results and may employ Motivational


Patient gets SMS to complete followup screen

before routine visit as needed

Provider reviews results

and may communicate

with the agency or parent/patient

Provider refers to agency

via referral button with consent efax/email

Patient gets individualized

plan reinforcing motivational


Results from agency care

sent to provider and documented in CHADIS

Agency sees consent, accepts referral, and contacts parent/patient

SDoH Questionnaires Available with CHADIS


Family Challenges, Caregiver Depression, and Family Stressors



Childhood Experiences



Substance Use, Substance Use Exposure



Relationships, Intimate Partner Violence



Tools to Comprehensively Assess Needs


  • PRAPARE: Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patient Assets, Risks, and Experiences 

  • Integra Social Health Questionnaire  

  • Pediatric Associates SDOH Questionnaire all ages-on demand 

  • Psycho-social Screener


Food Insecurity

  • The Hunger Vital Sign



  • Demographics-Short Form 

  • Family Demographics

See the entire questionnaire list.


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