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History of Present Illness(HPI)
Note Writer

The CHADIS HPI Note Writer will save you time through automated efficiencies.

CHADIS is proud to announce the release of a suite of questionnaires to assist the patient in completing the History of Present Illness and having the resulting information create a visit note! 

Five versions of the questionnaire gather relevant information for pathways to describe illness, injury, and behavioral concerns, a combined tool that directs to any of these 3 pathways, and one tool for follow-up on a prior visit.  This acute visit-oriented approach is part of a larger CHADIS effort to collaborate with patients to facilitate their care and also address provider documentation burden.  


The pathway logic for data collection was created by CHADIS clinicians and also guided by the study of standard recommended visit note content.  Gathering this information in advance allows the patient to have time to formulate their answers and avoid forgetting details.  

Benefits of using these new questionnaires include:

  • Helps triage patients e.g., assigning them to an appropriate clinician or time slot.

  • Saves or even obviates time for nursing staff to do an intake history

  • Saves time during the encounter for a focused visit 

  • Saves clinician time creating a complete acute visit note, requiring only brief edits

  • Having questionnaires at every visit creates a routine both for patients and staff. This increases response rates for all CHADIS tools.


Simply, review the created narrative, edit/add as needed, and copy-paste into the EHR!

The patient fills out an HPI questionnaire before the visit.

image (27).png

Questionnaire data populates the note field.

Detail Report with HPI.png

Simply, review the created narrative, edit/add as needed, and copy-paste into the EHR.

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