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eClinicalWorks integrates with CHADIS

Compatible Product


Questionnaires are automatically sent to patients, scored, and the results are returned to the patient's chart in eClinicalWorks.  

Some health, developmental, and, behavioral screening tools may be eligible for reimbursement through insurance or Medicaid using 96110, 96127, and 96160 billing codes.

Facilitates clinical quality measures and 

standards compliance with less work.

Eliminates the need for multiple systems, saving time! 


  • Patients access questionnaires through the portal.  

  • Hundreds of CHADIS questionnaires. 

  • Automated questionnaire assignments.

  • Questionnaires are automatically sent to patients.

  • CHADIS scores questionnaires and sends results to the patient's chart in eClinicalWorks.

  • Decision support tools.

Child at well visit
eCW Podcast - CHADIS customer

"Getting CHADIS is definitely worthwhile. If you were to take each of those questionnaires and buy them individually, at an online pre-visit basis, the cost is actually cheaper through CHADIS."


Dr. Selam Bullock
Kids' First Pediatric
Raleigh, NC


eclinicalworks CHADIS testimonial

Patient/Parent Review

Intown Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine - Atlanta, GA

Center for Care Innovations

Case Study: Standardizing Developmental Screening & Management for

Pediatric Patients

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