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Sharissa Epps

Sharissa Epps CHADIS VP of Global Partnerships & Product Strategy

Sharissa Epps is the Senior Vice President of Partnerships & Product for CHADIS, Inc.  She is responsible for leading the product and client management teams to continue to drive innovation, iteration, and optimization of all existing and future CHADIS products. As CHADIS continues to grow in US and international markets, Sharissa leads the team in forming Healthcare IT partnerships to increase the reach of the CHADIS brand and improve access to the product. She has been with CHADIS for 12 years and is a Healthcare IT Implementation and QI expert who has led multiple account management, internal support, and implementation teams.  She has overseen training for hundreds of practices sites with over 1000 users. She has also delivered QI credit programs for hundreds of physicians.

Sharissa is Co-Chair of The Enterprise Women’s Network (EWN), an Enterprise affiliated non-profit. The Enterprise Mentoring Program helps girls build their self-esteem, make healthy choices, develop strategies to address problems, and achieve academic and life success. 

Sharissa has been a member of EWN for over 15 years. The Enterprise Women’s Network’s signature effort is its mentoring program for young girls. 

Outside of work and volunteering, Sharissa enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and exploring new places.  

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