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CHADIS health questionnaire solution
CHADIS health questionnaire solution

Stand Alone


Pre-visit questionnaire data are automatically scored, 

tabulated and may be entered directly into EHR through copy/paste. 

Some health, developmental, and behavioral screening tools are eligible for reimbursement through insurance or Medicaid using 96110, 96127, and 96160 billing codes.

CHADISDirect can be used as a clinical record system for documenting clinical encounters. 

Eliminates the need for multiple systems, saving time! 


Provider using CHADIS


“I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful opportunity…so so helpful for me to better understand my patient, and to have ideas on where to go next. So thank you so much for a really incredible opportunity to be part of CHADIS.”

Laura Lieberman, MD

CHADIS online questionnaire Video
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