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The most complete web-based patient data collection system for comprehensive health and mental health care for all ages. It automatically assigns, requests, collects, scores, interprets, and graphs.  


CHADIS helps write your clinical notes, facilitates between-visit monitoring, referrals and tracking, MOC-4 credits, and population data collection. 

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Fill out online questionnaires prior to your appointment.

Listening to baby's lungs

Share information to provide better care for your patients.

Collaborate with families and providers.


 What is CHADIS? 


CHADIS can be used anywhere patient-generated data is collected. 


"My favorite aspect of CHADIS is the ability to customize questionnaires to meet the needs of our office and patient population. I also love its ease and functionality. I feel strongly that using CHADIS questionnaires allows patients and families the opportunity to confidentially disclose information or concerns that they may otherwise not offer up during a patient encounter or prompts evaluation of problems that they may have been unaware of. I personally have had concerns listed in CHADIS that when asked by clinic staff or a provider were denied. This electronic platform gives patients and families an outlet to disclose information safely and securely. 

We are currently using data received via CHADIS questionnaires for quality improvement initiatives, quality assurance monitoring, and to meet our annual reporting requirements for our Patient-Centered Medical Home recertification. I would strongly recommend CHADIS to any pediatric health care provider looking to enhance the quality and efficiency of their health care practice." 

Katrina Skinner, MD, President of Fairhope Pediatrics, Founder and CEO of Women in Pediatrics

Fairhope, AL



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