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Doctor and Patient
Behavioral Case Conference - 3rd Tuesday of every month at Noon EST

The Patient Engagement & Online Screening - Assessment Solution with  Clinical Process Support

Automation Improving Health Outcomes
Allowing More Time to Spend with Patients

Doctor and Patient

Clinical Process Support System for Comprehensive Care

CHADIS, Inc. (formerly known as Total Child Health, Inc.), was established in 2001 by Drs. Barbara Howard and Raymond Sturner, both physicians and leaders in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. CHADIS, Inc. is the sole distributor of CHADIS and partners with the non-profit, Center for Promotion of Child Development through Primary Care.

Balance Test

Managing and Documenting Common Conditions Made Easy

Healthcare Software Functionality

Created for in-office or telehealth efficiencies for providers.  
Created for convenience and satisfaction for patients.

Doctor and Patient

Facilitating Patient Engagement and Providing Clinical Support


Hear From Our Clients

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“CHADIS has been my most treasured preventative and behavioral health tool and I feel compelled to share my experience whenever possible.

The pediatrician's commitment to best preventative care and screenings is undermined by the low reimbursements and lack of intervention support (well detailed in a recent Pediatric News article).

Once again, I believe that CHADIS is a great solution to such challenges once understood in a workflow and business context (we showed a 3:1 ROI in our practice). ”

Alex Tenase, MD
Lutheran Health Physicians
Warsaw, IN
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