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Collecting Patient Data for Visits: Streamlining Telehealth, One Click at a Time

Updated: Mar 14

Collecting Patient Data for the Televist

Telehealth – A Modern Healthcare Revolution

Telehealth has rapidly become a key tool in healthcare, bringing medical consultations into the comfort and safety of our homes or convenience of parent’s work. It’s convenient, sure, but telehealth also brings its own set of challenges, particularly in gathering complete and accurate patient data remotely. Clinicians may feel that note-taking is more awkward when trying to maintain eye contact during tele-visits. And let’s not forget, keeping it all as personal and detailed as an in-person visit is the real goal here.

Navigating the World of Collecting Patient Data for Telehealth Visits

  1. General Health Insights: Just like a traditional check-up, telehealth needs the full story of a patient’s health. CHADIS steps up here, streamlining the collection of everything from current symptoms to medical history all possible before the visit online.

  2. Behavioral Health Care: Addressing mental health concerns is a special strength of telehealth since repeated visits are usually indicated and telehealth avoids commute time and lost work. CHADIS collects patient concerns, goals, and both screens and diagnostic tools remotely to inform the visit and monitor progress between visits. CHADIS even delivers patient education and resources to the Care Portal accessible anywhere. Some patients can even ensure more privacy with remote visits.

  3. Social Health Snapshot: In addition to data collection online, telehealth can provide a glimpse or tour of the home situation if the patient chooses to share.

  4. Patient Satisfaction Pulse: How did the telehealth visit go? CHADIS patient satisfaction tools make it easy to find out.

  5. Consent – Clear and Simple: Consent is important both for disclosure of the constraints of the telehealth visit as well as for data sharing in collaborative care. CHADIS offers online consent forms for both.

CHADIS is a partner in enhancing telehealth services. By tackling the tricky parts of remote patient data collection, CHADIS makes sure telehealth isn’t just about convenience, but also about maintaining quality care. So, as we continue to embrace telehealth, let’s lean on solutions like CHADIS to keep healthcare personal, detailed, and as effective as ever.

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